Privately Educated People Dominate U.K.’s Top Jobs

When compared to entertainers in the music industry, British actors are more than twice as likely coming from a private school according to a new study conducted by the Sutton Trust.

private-schools-ukThe new report furthermore highlights how many professions in the UK such as law and politics are dominated by people that had been privately educated.

The study is therefore yet another proof how schooling and having good contacts can be deciding factors over a later career path.

The other hand, the British government said that it is striving to match the private sector in terms of academic attainment.

The study looked at educational backgrounds of more than 1200 people in the United Kingdom. The research included looking at positions in various fields such as the military, journalism, medicine, civil service, business, film and music. The study also looked at Nobel Prize winners.

According to the study which is named “Leading People 2016”, 42% of British Bafta winners attended a private school. Attendance of private education of those who have been awarded a Brit music award set at a mere 19%.

About two thirds of all Brit this Oscar winners have been found to having attended a private school, including celebrities such as Kate Winslet or Eddie Redmayne.

It is no secret that a good private, independent school can be beneficial for your children’s education. Prep school Bedfordshire is a leading private school where we don’t make compromises when it comes to your children’s education.

The Geffrye Museum

If you want to learn about the history of the home and how homes and gardens changed throughout time, The Geffrye Museum should be high on your list of places to visit in London.

This great museum covers more than 400 years of  fascinating home history and can give you a good insight into style and tastes of previous times.

The best thing about London’s Geffrye Museum is that admission is free. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Check out their website at


Horse Betting Done Right

Millions of Britons enjoy horse racing but not many can claim that they already made a fortune at the races. Most see horseracing as some sort of entertaining gamble and not really as a way to make a living. The occasional win at the tracks is normally and for most of us a matter of luck.

Horse racing UKBut then there are those folks who have a different approach when it comes to British horseracing.

Some of those few professional horse racing enthusiasts dedicate a good portion of their life to the races.

They dedicate their time to the study of horses, how each horse might perform on particular tracks to somewhat reliably be able to predict the odds for each horse for a race.

With the right knowledge it is indeed possible to shift the odds in your favour, rather than merely relying on luck.

Since the study of horses can take up so much time and effort it’s obvious that this is not something for everyone.

So how can the average person increase their betting odds at the races without having to go through lengths like those horse racing experts? With horse betting tips and strategies that you can obtain from them – as simple as that!

Finding a reliable source for horse betting tips

Horse betting tips and strategies are not exactly difficult to find today. There are several websites dedicated to horseracing tips and even the large side such as the BBC Sports section features a weekly column with tips for the upcoming races. Then there are those who travel selling some type of system. Needless to say not all of them work.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is give a source for horse racing tips a try. This is especially important for those websites that charge money for their betting strategies. Don’t waste your money if you don’t know whether the tips you will be getting are really worth it.

The better tipsters out there will always be able to provide you a free trial. This means you don’t have to commit to anything unless you know that you’ve getting your money’s worth. So if you are toying with the idea to obtain horse racing tips and strategies you should keep that in mind.




On Bunk Beds

Large families in the United Kingdom may often face the problem that living space in the home can be scarce. No question, when a large portion of your home’s space is used for a number of beds there won’t be much space left. Obviously, if you happen to have more children than the average three or four person household in the UK,  you will either need a big house or have to get creative.

bunk-bed-3Bunk beds can be the ideal solution in these situations since they can help to provide you a lot more living space in your home. Rather than tying up valuable living space for many beds, why not get a bunk bed instead? Those types of beds are ideal especially if you happen to have many children!

One other advantage of bunk beds can moreover be that a bunk bed that consists of two vertically stacked beds may come even cheaper as compared to having to get two separate beds. Obviously, the price here may also depend on the quality of the bunk bed, the materials used for it and so forth.

Today, increasingly more people purchase goods via the internet and this also includes large appliances such as kitchen appliances and even furniture. Most reputable furniture vendors today have reasonable shipping costs so that getting a bunk bed on the internet may ultimately be cheaper than getting furniture from a retail store.


The Signifire Fire Spotting Camera

SignifireTo be able to effectively protect from fires and costly fire damages is always something high on the list of priorities for most businesses in the United Kingdom.

Whether you operate a large furniture warehouse, a business equipped with high tech computers or happen to be owner of a store, a fire that is not detected can easily lead to injuries, millions of pounds in damages and in a worst-case scenario even to a loss of lives.

Today, the installation of modern fire detection and prevention systems is fortunately easy and doesn’t cost the world. Modern systems such as wireless smoke detectors and fire alarms can be set up in many types of places without any hassles.

With this being said, there are still those locations and places where a fast and effective detection of fires can prove problematic. Among those more challenging places can be large outdoor areas or any other type wide open spaces. Good examples for such challenges for fire prevention would be forests, a beach or large industrial premises.

The Signifire fire spotting camera is a new high-tech way to effectively detect fires in such places.

As compared to smoke detectors, the Signifire has several advantages: One of them is that a fire detection camera doesn’t have to be in the immediate vicinity of flame or smoke. Even set up many hundred of yards or even miles away, a fire spotting camera can detect flame or smoke right away. As a result of this, major damages due to fire often be avoided when a fire spotting camera is in use.

With its wide field of view, the Signifire fire spotting camera can overview much larger areas as compared to other fire detection devices. This means that a fire spotting camera can also help save costs. One fire spotting camera can usually substitute a large number of smoke and flame detectors and can be far more effective and reliable.

The other advantage of the Signifire fire camera is that a company can integrate it into their existing video monitoring systems.

Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress in Bedford

Disposing old mattresses is always a major issue, especially in the United Kingdom.

If you happen to live in or near Bedford, check out the website at

A new service in the area will take care of the problem to dispose of your mattress in an environmentally-friendly way.

The ReUse Centre in Bedford is partnering with a recycling firm. Their goal is to reduce the number of mattresses that would otherwise end up on landfills. So if you happen to have an old mattress you need to get rid of this can be the optimal solution!


Ergonomic Chairs: More Than Just Furniture

When it comes to the purchase of furniture, not all pieces would obviously really need to be ergonomic. It’s not really that important whether the stylish coffee table or your  new night stand would  conform to ergonomic standards.

It’s a different story when you are thinking about obtaining frequently used furnishings such as your your computer chair or desk, even more so when it comes to office furniture for a workplace.

In such a case, looking at ergonomics would be very important. The reason for this is that with ergonomic desk chairs and other type of ergonomic furniture you can greatly add to your own and your employees health and well-being.

It is possible that ergonomic chairs would well cost more than traditional types but only looking at a price would be the wrong way to go about it. Quality ergonomic furnishings should really be seen as an investment, and what can be more valuable then our health?

Buying ergonomic chairs – Here are some tips

Have the salesperson show you a variety of chairs and definitely make sure to try them out in person before you buy. The salesperson should likewise show you in which ways the ergonomic chair can be adjusted. There should be several ways in regards to adjustments with modern ergonomic chairs.

Take your time purchasing and do not make this decision in a rush. If you happen to be the owner of a company you can also consider a workstation assessment by a professional company who can give you advice in regards to how to improve ergonomics for your employees.

Prizes given out at Somerton gallery for furniture exhibition | Western Gazette

Somerton Gallery handed out several awards and prizes to furniture makers in Somerset a few days ago.

6134689-largeThe event of the third annual Warmth, Wood and Furniture Prize exhibition was held  at the Courtyard Gallery in Somerton’s Market Place on Friday.

Organizer of the ceremony was the Somerset Guild of craftsmen together with the Somerset Art Works and Bridgwater College.

Pictured to the left are this year’s winners Jason Cook and winner of the public vote Nadia Connabeer.

via Prizes given out at Somerton gallery for furniture exhibition | Western Gazette.