Stylish Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Tables

The London UK-based furniture maker Mac + Wood made itself a name among British furniture designers not only with their gorgeous designs but even more so with a rather unique and creative selection of materials. The stylish bespoke dining tables by Mac+Wood are sure to make an impression!


What I like most about Mac+Wood’s designs is the warmth of the reclaimed wood used in their creations. This wood conveys a rustic and natural liveliness that goes beautifully with many different styles. The furniture maker told us that each piece of reclaimed wood timbers used in their creations is hand selected – and it sure shows!

Contrasting yet at the same time matching beautifully is the brushed chrome that the firm uses in their designs.

Today, Mac+Woods’s creations that incorporate a range of bespoke dining tables and benches as well as custom made office desks is highly popular not only in the UK but recently also oversees such as in the United States and in Asia. Mac+Wood is one prime example for British excellence when it comes to innovative furniture designs!

Privately Educated People Dominate U.K.’s Top Jobs

When compared to entertainers in the music industry, British actors are more than twice as likely coming from a private school according to a new study conducted by the Sutton Trust.

private-schools-ukThe new report furthermore highlights how many professions in the UK such as law and politics are dominated by people that had been privately educated.

The study is therefore yet another proof how schooling and having good contacts can be deciding factors over a later career path.

The other hand, the British government said that it is striving to match the private sector in terms of academic attainment.

The study looked at educational backgrounds of more than 1200 people in the United Kingdom. The research included looking at positions in various fields such as the military, journalism, medicine, civil service, business, film and music. The study also looked at Nobel Prize winners.

According to the study which is named “Leading People 2016”, 42% of British Bafta winners attended a private school. Attendance of private education of those who have been awarded a Brit music award set at a mere 19%.

About two thirds of all Brit this Oscar winners have been found to having attended a private school, including celebrities such as Kate Winslet or Eddie Redmayne.

It is no secret that a good private, independent school can be beneficial for your children’s education. Prep school Bedfordshire is a leading private school where we don’t make compromises when it comes to your children’s education.

Prizes given out at Somerton gallery for furniture exhibition | Western Gazette

Somerton Gallery handed out several awards and prizes to furniture makers in Somerset a few days ago.

6134689-largeThe event of the third annual Warmth, Wood and Furniture Prize exhibition was held  at the Courtyard Gallery in Somerton’s Market Place on Friday.

Organizer of the ceremony was the Somerset Guild of craftsmen together with the Somerset Art Works and Bridgwater College.

Pictured to the left are this year’s winners Jason Cook and winner of the public vote Nadia Connabeer.

via Prizes given out at Somerton gallery for furniture exhibition | Western Gazette.