Privately Educated People Dominate U.K.’s Top Jobs

When compared to entertainers in the music industry, British actors are more than twice as likely coming from a private school according to a new study conducted by the Sutton Trust.

private-schools-ukThe new report furthermore highlights how many professions in the UK such as law and politics are dominated by people that had been privately educated.

The study is therefore yet another proof how schooling and having good contacts can be deciding factors over a later career path.

The other hand, the British government said that it is striving to match the private sector in terms of academic attainment.

The study looked at educational backgrounds of more than 1200 people in the United Kingdom. The research included looking at positions in various fields such as the military, journalism, medicine, civil service, business, film and music. The study also looked at Nobel Prize winners.

According to the study which is named “Leading People 2016”, 42% of British Bafta winners attended a private school. Attendance of private education of those who have been awarded a Brit music award set at a mere 19%.

About two thirds of all Brit this Oscar winners have been found to having attended a private school, including celebrities such as Kate Winslet or Eddie Redmayne.

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