Stylish Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Tables

The London UK-based furniture maker Mac + Wood made itself a name among British furniture designers not only with their gorgeous designs but even more so with a rather unique and creative selection of materials. The stylish bespoke dining tables by Mac+Wood are sure to make an impression!


What I like most about Mac+Wood’s designs is the warmth of the reclaimed wood used in their creations. This wood conveys a rustic and natural liveliness that goes beautifully with many different styles. The furniture maker told us that each piece of reclaimed wood timbers used in their creations is hand selected – and it sure shows!

Contrasting yet at the same time matching beautifully is the brushed chrome that the firm uses in their designs.

Today, Mac+Woods’s creations that incorporate a range of bespoke dining tables and benches as well as custom made office desks is highly popular not only in the UK but recently also oversees such as in the United States and in Asia. Mac+Wood is one prime example for British excellence when it comes to innovative furniture designs!